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Joseph Blackman was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He graduated with his Associates in Sociology from Miami Dade County (2015), B.S. in Political Science from Florida A&M University (2017), and M.B.A. in Marketing from Nova Southeastern University (2021). He was the first in his entire family to obtain three degrees.

Joseph Blackman is an Academic Support Advisor for an online B.S.N. program based in Miami, Florida. While being a first-generation college student, Joseph found his passion for guiding high school students with varied economic circumstances to support and guide individuals during the college application, scholarship, and financial assistance procedures. He has assisted hundreds of students in Florida, New York City, California, and Maryland.

He went on to work for Georgia State University, Miami Dade College, and Chamberlain University. He possesses a strong passion for enhancing college access. He strives to provide students and families with the information and assistance they need to develop a personalized college plan that suits their unique needs and aspirations.

Joseph Blackman currently lives in Miami, but while working remotely, he enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. Fun fact: He went to 3 countries in 2 weeks.

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