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Why Summer Campus Visits Are Worthwhile

As summer approaches, many college-bound high school students and their parents wonder if it's worth visiting campuses during this time when college students are on summer break. You’ve taken the time to thoroughly research colleges, so understandably, you want a worthwhile college visit. In this article, we will highlight why summer college visits hold immense value, despite the campuses being relatively empty. Join us as we explore the upside of exploring campuses amidst the tranquility of the summer months. Let's…

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Summer is Primetime for Writing College Application Essays

As the school year winds down and summer season begins, it's important for rising seniors and parents of college-bound high school students to understand the necessity of writing the college application essay during these sunny months. In this article, we'll explore why tackling this crucial task early on can lead to a smoother application process and increase your chances of standing out among your competitors.  Beat the Fall Rush: Start Crafting Your College Application Essay Now Waiting until the last…

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